Sunday, May 8, 2011

4/30/11: Masaya, NA - Leon, NA. 130 miles, 4 hours.

So off to Leon in the morning. Quick stop at Volcan Masaya. Its pretty cool. The volcano is spewing sulfur, no water or lava though. The sulfur stings my eyes and 15 minutes is enough for me. A couple of hours later, and after dodging around tons of Sandinista propaganda - mobiles and people clogging up the roads, I am back in Leon.

I decide to check into a nice hostel, Tortuga Bolooda. The girl I came back to see, and have been talking to pretty much daily through email is in Bluefields, on the Caribbean coast for a couple of days. Damn, she is always in town, and of course has to leave (not her fault) when I get here. Joe, the British motorcyclist from La Fortuna joins me at the hostel the next day, and I spend the next couple of days hanging out and revisiting friends, places, and taking care of bike stuff, welding, etc. as usual.

K comes back, I check into Hostal Mariposa, a nice place run by a cool French couple with a beautiful swimming pool and free organic coffee all day. Spend the next couple of days hanging out with K, going out and doing date stuff, all that.

After a few days in Leon, I'm ready to take off. Its push time now. I've decided that with the time I have left, and my state of mind after months of traveling, I should get back to the U.S. relatively quickly, with a couple of short stops to check out some stuff. Not going scuba diving in Honduras, left Cuba off the list a while ago. My immediate goal is to get through Honduras as quickly as possible, and go to Rio Dulce, Guatemala to deliver the photos to the orphanage there, that the kids took when I was there a year ago. It was a project that my friends Kim and Amlan conducted, and I promised I would stop by on this trip to drop the pics off.

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