Sunday, May 22, 2011

5/9/11: Palenque - Alvarado, MX. 345 miles, 10 hours

Not too much to say about today, other than I fell way short of my intended goal of reaching Poza Rica. I left Palenque and take the long, straight and fast free highway to Villahermosa. I arrive in 2 hours, and have now left the state of Chiapas and have entered into Veracruz. Its getting really hot and humid. This is all familiar ground, and not too scenic, just a big hot dirty city, and I press on another 2 hours to Minatlan. I start heading north and I soon realize that there is no way I am going to reach my goal of Poza Rica for the day. I had forgotten about Mexico's love of speed bumps (topes) before, in the middle of, and after every city along the highway, and sometimes just right in the middle of the highway in the middle of nowhere for no apparent good reason other than to rock the shit out of you and your vehicle at highway speeds. So, the topes aren't helping me make very good time, to say the least. I set my sights closer, and as the sun goes down I try to make it to the city of Veracruz to spend the night. 60 miles shy of Veracruz, I cross a big, high bridge and look down upon a pretty cool town set against the bay. The cathedral in town stands out especially. I pull into Alvarado and eventually find a cheap room and take a walk around town. Its hot and humid. There are shrimping boats docked all alongside the seafront walkway, and the cathedral and central square is a beautiful surprise, the whole thing being completely done up in white and blue Moorish tile. I eat a lackluster club sandwich and fries and head to the local Italian Coffee Company to have a drink and hop on some wifi. I cant get the wifi to work and get pretty pissed off, altough the 2 flirty girls working there with a multitude of questions for me ease my annoyance a bit. I try the free wifi in the town square, but again I cant connect and sit there all pissed off. I realize that I jave been pushing myself non-stop, really hard for 5 days or so now, and I vow to take it easy a bit, and not worry so much about self-imposed deadlines as much. Im headed north, closer and closer to home every day, so I should be happy with that. Trying to keep this in mind, I head to my hot little 10 dollar dungeon of a room and try to get some sleep (Man, am I sleeping shitty in this heat!) looking forwards to being home more and more as each day passes.

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