Tuesday, May 3, 2011

4/28/11: Santa Elena/Monteverde, CR - Masaya, NA. 210 miles, 8 hours.

Happy to be hitting the road again and looking forwards to be in Nicaragua again, I get my things together and head for the border 3 or 4 hours away. I forget my Costa Rica map, which at least is on my last day of being in the country. However, thats not as bad as Harry, the guy driving the Landcruiser around the world, leaving his passport in the room. I send him an email, but I have a feeling he is going to reach the border before he realizes what happens when he goes to pull it out. That sucks nothing much I can do. I head out back down that hellish dirt road. It starts to rain and luckily, I have been keeping my rainsuit handy after getting caught out there before a few times. I get it on and somehow get turned around on the unmarked back roads, end up doing a loop and ending up almost back where I started. At least the rain has stopped, but this is EXACTLY what I didn't want to happen. I talk to a bicycling chick and she points me back the way I came. Thats frustrating. I head back and manage to find my way out, gas up at Tillaran and make it to the border. Its my 4th and last time at this border on this trip, its not too busy, and I feel like a pro in the know the way I move from place to place, pretty much knowing what I am doing, and getting me and my bike out of CR and into NA in about an hour. As an added plus, the $14 entrance fee the guy stamping my passport and migration asks for...well, he is preoccupied and hands me my stuff back, and I may have just quickly left before any $ was exchanged. Fuckem, I think, as I remember the sea of bullshit I had to deal with when I had to leave Nicaragua 6 weeks ago. Im in Masaya a couple of hours later and its hot. I settle in a hotel near the center of town. I plan on spending a day here taking care of neverending errands and checking out Volcan Masaya, and then heading back to Leon for a few days.

Spend the next day trying to get my camera fixed. Im starting to realize that its not happening in pretty much any country Ill be in until I reach the US. I check out the rest of the town, stock up on some great souvenirs at the famous artisans market, and pick up a sweet ass hammock for myself (the town is famous for these). Also, a visit to the malecon and the Museum of Heroes and Martyrs, which is exactly like the one in Leon, still really cool to see. I decide to check out the volcano on the short ride to Leon, seems to make more sense. Ive been trying to get a hold of "K" for a day or 2, but she is incognito again. We have been planning to see each other when I get back to Leon, daily emails, all that stuff. I think she is out of town which is a pain in the ass, but we'll see what happens. So, tomorrow then, back in Leon with a stop at Volcan Masya, and tiny step closer to home.

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