Thursday, April 21, 2011

4/19/11 In Bocas Del Toro

The next two days in Bocas are a bit cloudy, but luckily no rain. The day after I arrive I take a boat tour to see some dolphins. If there is one thing I want to do on these islands, its see some dolphins. I do, and they are cool and dolphiny. Next. the boat heads to a snorkeling spot, which is just OK, but then we head to a little key called Isla Zapatilla which is part of a marine national park. The coral comes almost right to the shore and the snorkeling is awesome. I remember why I love doing this so much, as my face disappears under the water and all sound is blocked out, save for mt own breathing and a whole world of crazy color opens up below. It is the most peaceful I have felt in months, despite my slight phobia of water, and I am glad knowing I will be taking this one step further before I get back to the States, and learn to scuba dive in Honduras. 3 hours of doing his and we head back to Bocas town where I call it an early night while the 3 girls in my room go out. I know, I need to get a move on and create some better stories for this blog, but Im so content in the room with AC by myself watching downloaded National Geographic specials on my laptop. At least its about the Maserati factory which is kind of cool.

My next and last day in Bocas, I head to the nearby island and town of Bastimentos and take a hike alone through the rainforest to Wizard Beach on the other side of the island. I had heard there were some muggings along the trail, but I take my chances. I see a soldier, fully armed approaching me and as I get closer I realize he is with the National Police. Jose and I talk for a while and he holds up 2 machetes he has found along the trail. I thank him for protecting the trail and he sits back underneath his little tower in the middle of the jungle on Isla Bastimentos. 15 minutes later, Im at a pristine beach with a few others and I swim in the warm water for an hour or so. I am actually getting a bit burned out on beaches. I know that sounds bad, but they are all nice as hell and Ive seen plenty by now. Still grateful at having missed the NYC winter though. Head back on the trail with a couple from D.C. and pass Jose again, back in town, and then a short ride across the water back to Bocas. Back at the hotel I meet Maria, a Colombian girl who is doing a visa run for 3 days from Costa Rica into Panama. She works at the Jaguar Sanctuary in Puerto Viejo in CR, which just happens to be my next stop. I am tired as hell, and instead of continuing the conversation like a normal person, I tell her that Im tired and gonna try to blog a bit. Wow, reading what I just wrote looks so fucking lame. Another early night for me and I get ready to cross the border the next day back into Costa Rica for the short 60 mile ride to the beach town of Puerto Viejo, where I am especially looking forward to seeing the Jaguar Reserve.

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