Monday, April 11, 2011

4/6/11: Playa Santa Teresa – San Jose, CR. 100 miles, 7 hours.

2 full days chilling out in Santa Teresa was just what I needed. I think I can speak for Gabe also. His little vacation has involved a ton of third –world style travelling and I know he is ready for a break as well. The beach is incredible, warm water and perfect for swimming with 4-5 foot high waves. The rocky outcroppings and whitish sand add to the effect. Definitely one of the best beaches I have ever been to. The hostel Casa del Mar is super chill, not too warm at night , although the mosquitos are a bitch.

I also manage to make it out to the Montezuma waterfall, a harrowing little journey as I decided to take yet another shortcut through some horrible back roads with Gabe on the back of the bike. I almost lose it a couple of times but I manage to keep the bike up. I park the bike and we take a 20 minute hike through some pretty dense and steep jungle to the base of the waterfall. A family of monkeys is right above me at one point, pretty close and very visible with a little baby monkey swinging around like a little madman. Gabe’s feet are getting pretty fucked up and he has a hard time walking around, so like a good friend would, I just went ahead to get to the waterfall as quickly as I could. The water is good and cold. And a bunch of other hippy travelers are there as well. Gabe shows up and we hang out for a couple of hours at the falls with the other folks before heading back up the steep jungle path. Gabe is suffering pretty badly and I am actually getting pretty worried. I actually stop and make sure dude is ok before I run up ahead. What could I do though? Sorry Gabe, I am a douchebag, I know. We head back the long way, which consists of slightly better roads before hitting a local spot for some pizza and chilling out at the hostel. I bury myself in the computer for a good long while, I am such a fucking geek sometimes.

A day earlier, I had received a message from the girl who disappeared from my life back in Leon. I’ll call her “K.” It was a pretty ambiguous, pointless message which didn’t address what happened at all. After a couple of back and forth messages, I got pretty tired of the bullshit and told her as much. Although this is a personal blog, I still don’t want to get into too much of this, so I’ll just say that things worked out, really well in fact. Things were said and revealed for the first time on both sides and there are some strong feelings involved. I’ll be seeing her on the way back north.

Another day chilling out in Santa Teresa, swimming in the incredible ocean, including at night for the first time ( which was awesome) and I am ready to head to the capital, San Jose for a couple of days, before heading to Panama and the end of the Pan Am highway. Gabe flies out of San Jose in a couple of days, so once again we are paralleling each other’s tracks. A quick ride out of town along the coast with more great views of the Pacific, and 90 minutes later I am at Paquera, a town with a ferry I can catch to mainland Costa Rica from the Nicoya Peninsula. Its 1:00 and I have just missed being able to board the ferry so I have to wait 2 hours to catch the next one. I do just that, the ferry is big and comfortable, and 90 minutes later I am in Puntarenas. I ride northwest towards San Jose, and the road winds up and down mountains, mostly up. The weather is cooler up here, a nice break from the weeks of hot hot weather I have been in. My front brake basically goes out in the meantime, and my back brake is crappy also, so I am pretty nervous, especially when it starts to get dark as I roll into the chaos of San Jose. I find the pre-determined hostel and then opt for a guesthouse across the street. Clean and comfortable, the girl Katrina running it is really nice, and her boyfriend Steve, wearing a U of M jersey, from Baltimore becomes a fast acquaintance. I take my first hot shower in months and head out for some food. The town is pretty cool, a large main pedestrian walkway lined with restaurants, casinos, shops, etc. and a several nice parks. I head back to the guesthouse after I eat and after a bit of confusion, I meet up with Gabe who has taken another long bus ride with a bunch of annoying, tribal tattooed clichéd –out-the-ass backpackers. Happy to be chilling in weather where I am actually comfortable in something other than shorts, flip-flops and a tank top.

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