Friday, April 8, 2011

4/6/11: Islas de Ometepe, NA – Playa Samara, CR. 8 hours, 150 miles

Rising early on just a few hours of sleep due to the heat and mosquitos, I head towards the ferry at Moyogalpa, taking the less developed northern route, the only road I haven’t ridden on the 2 islands. Its unpaved, but not nearly as bad as riding the southern island . Soon after the town of Altagracia, I run out of gas on a dirt road. My mileage dropped by 30% from all the 1st gear riding the other day, and I didn’t realize I was so low. A kid rides by on a little Honda 125, takes me to a gas station back in town, I fill up a gallon jug he had grabbed from his house on the way, fill his tank up as well, and ride back to my bike which is being watched by a one-eyed gentleman running some kind of little processing plant out here. I fill my bike up, tip the kid, hang out with the one-eyed guy and get to Moyogalpa. I had missed the ferry at 10, but there is one at 11 I can make. Not only that, Gabe, Tali, Aki, and the 2 German girls are there as well, so we can all hang out on the 1 hour boat ride. Get me and my bike on and head out across the choppy water. Me and Gabe meet this chick Ramona who gives us the scoop on the guy who got arrested at the hotel the day before. Apparently, its well known that the guy is into little boys and there is a restraining order against him against a 14 year old boy. He was caught with the kid and authorities from Managua were notified and came and grabbed him.

We pull into port and I head to the border. 45 minutes later I,m doing this border for the 3rd time in 3 weeks. At least now I know exactly where to go and what to do, and even though its Saturday and busy, Im into Costa Rica to pick up my still-good insurance papers in an hour. Gabe and the German girls are there as well, having bussed it and are helping each other out. The one sore spot was some cop who I had seen last time being lazy as shit. He started yelling at me when I gave him some papers to check off before I went to another guy first. I wasn’t mad for some reason and after I went to the right guy and said I remembered him, he was all smiles. Still though, fuck that guy. Head back through familiar surroundings and 3 hours later I arrive at Playa Samara, ready to complete my loop of the Nicoya Peninsula, stopping at the amazing beaches along the way. Its dark, and the main road is closed so I have to navigate through dark sandy beach paths in the dark until I arrive. The town is touristy and overpriced, while at the same time not being that nice. Gabe shows up a bit later and we head out to eat. He has had a hell of a day, bus changes, miscommunications, unexpected taxi rides, etc. I hit the sack early, I'm beat after a long ass day.

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