Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4/17/11: Boquete, PA - Bocas del Toro PA. 110 miles, 6 hours

I get some breakfast and take a last walk around Boquete before heading out. There is a big gathering in the town square with everyone holding big ass plants of some sort, and I realize its Palm Sunday. My plans are thwarted when the ATM wont give me money. This is the 3rd time on this trip that my bank has put a hold on my card because of "suspicious activity" ( against my instructions) and Im pretty damn sick of it. Just as I am about to take care of the problem online, the town loses power. The whole town. OK, everything is on hold, go with the flow, all that bullshit, I am fucking IMPATIENT! Power comes back on in a couple of hours, take care of my bank problem, pay for my room, and head to the Caribbean coast.

The road from the Highlands to the Carribean coast is spectacular, as I was told. Lots of green, lots of mountains, bridges and secondary roads in good enough condition. One checkpoint where I explain what I am doing and a couple of hours later, passing through more indigenous communities and stilt houses, I reach the port town of Almirante. Its a crappy place and I head t the ferry. It leaves no sonner than tomorrow morning. Smae time every day. No way I am spending the night here with the islands so close, so I leave my bike for the first time on this trip in a secure parking lot and board a water taxi to Bocas Town. 2 19 year old local girls on the boat are flirting hard and say that I can marry them both if I wish. Its definitely the nicest offer Ive had all day. 20 minutes later Im in Bocas town and I head to Hostel Cayenne where I meet the owner from Venezuela, Reuben and he shows me to a room with AC and 3 backpacker girls who will be my roommates. Im cool with that. I check out the town, eat some good local chicken and blog and enjoy the AC in my room alone. Yeah, Im nerdy, what you bitches gonna do about it? Seriously, as the trip winds down, I find myself more and more just wanting to chill and relax at night, to counteract all the riding at sightseeing I am doing during the day. If that means missing out on some serious nightlife, I am completely cool with that. Plan for the day ahead, which includes seeing dolphins and swimming and snorkeling on some bangin' ass beaches.

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