Sunday, March 20, 2011

3/18/11: Liberia, CR - Playa Tamarindo, CR. 60 miles, 1 hour.

Left Liberia the next day after an uneventful night out to the casino and a couple of bars in this pretty boring town. Got seriously attacked by bedbugs and have around 40 nasty welts all over my body. Like "embarrassed to take my shirt off" nasty. Which sucks, considering I'm headed to the beach. I leave and a quick hour later I'm at Playa Tamarindo, a touristy beach spot. I'm cool with this though. After being in Nicaragua its nice to be in a place that caters to tourists, with comforts and amenities like AC and great food, at pretty reasonable prices. Costa Rica is shaping up to to be a nice vacation from my vacation for sure. I meet up with a couple of new travelling buddies, Aki, an Icelandic Canadian, and Diego, a funny ass Uruguyan who has lived in Costa Rica, Ecuador, and is now studying in a university in Germany. We all check into Oveja Negra, a surf hostel owned and run by Argentinians and probably the best one I have ever stayed at. There is AC, its clean, great facilities and surfboards, etc. Great wifi and cable connection also, Ive been downloading shit like crazy. Also, its filled with incredibly hot girls from Argentina, Costa RIca and various other countries from all over the world. Which is always nice. Spend the next couple of days trying to surf (hard as shit), swimming, getting drunk/enjoying the nightlife, etc.
The welding I had done in Leon has already failed in one spot, so the plan is to get up early, go get it fixed, and ride a dirt road with a couple of river crossings halfway around the Nicoya Peninsula to Playa Nosara, a more secluded and less touristy beach which is supposed to be beautiful. Diego, Aki, and an Israeli girl we met here named Thalia will be going as well, so it should be pretty cool.

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