Saturday, January 15, 2011

1/15/11: Copan Ruinas to La Esperanza, Honduras. 175 miles, 6 hours.

After waking up and having a nice big ass breakfast for 4 bucks at a local cafe, I head out of Copan Ruinas and head southeast towards Nicaragua. The plan is to get near the capital, Tegucigalpa, and stay one more night in Honduras before crossing the border the next day. The day is looking cloudy and as I head up into the mountains, it starts to drizzle on and off. Also, its cold! Man, I came all the way down here to get away from that shit. Cant complain too much though, its way colder in the northeast US for sure. On top of this though, the roads are complete shit, potholes everywhere and cars and trucks darting all over the place and into my lane trying to avoid them. The mountainside views are really nice, but between the cold, rain, limited visibilty, shit roads, and intense focus needed, I dont enjoy them like I should. Im just reminded once again why I really don't dig this country too much. So far, on this trip anyway, it has been one little hassle after another. That being said, me being here in these circumstances could be way worse, and I try to keep things in perspective. I have an "oh shit" moment where I lose focus for a second and leave the tarmac for a few seconds, keeping the bike upright in a gravel laden downhill mountain hairpin. I snap back into it, buckle down, and grin and bear today's circumstances, realizing how lucky I am not to have wiped out, as well as being on this little adventure in general. I see that I gotta stop this inner-bitching at some point. I make it to the town of Gracias, and take a secondary highway to La Esperanza, with the last few miles being some gnarly rocky, gravelly dirt. Its late afternoon, and Ive only gone about 150 miles today, but Im pretty damp and getting chilly. I'm still 3 or 4 hours from Tegucigalpa, but I figure I can still get to the border on time tomorrow if I get an early start. I get a room for 7 bucks, and now its getting really cold here. I find out later that I happen to have stopped in the coldest town on average in Honduras. And there is no hot water, as promised! Fuck, oh well, I head out shivering, get some food, hit an internet cafe, and back iin the room where I break out my down sleeping bag and start watching The Pursuit of Happyness, which I surprisingly like. Some fucked up stuff, those bums kept stealing Will Smith's bone-density machines! Dont steal Will Smith's bone density machines man, that shit just aint right. Eventually I warm up and look forward to hopefully being out of Honduras and into Nicaragua tomorrow.

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