Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010 – Opp, AL to Biloxi, MS – 240 miles, 6 hours

Through no planning of my own, Im sitting here in a great room at the Imperial Palace in Biloxi, MS enjoying the amenities at hand and writing this update. Woke up in the shithole hotel room in Opp and a message from Tim asks if it's possible to meet him in Biloxi because Jim is dealing an event there and Tim is allowed to play poker there. I'm headed west anyway, and with the offer of a free hotel room, Im 3 – 4 hours from being back in a casino. Ha, I just can’t seem to get away. Rolling along enjoying the warm southern fall weather when the rain hits. Shit. Wait it out at agas station where I eat some more sardines and shit like that and 45 minutes later Im off. Im pretty waterproofed but I hate riding in the rain. Then more rain hits. Wait it out at an abandoned gas station and it comes down for about 40 minutes before Im off again. Then I stop a third time, as the shit starts right back up! My gear is doing its job but the pants are riding up and I stop again, not wanting to get my boots soaked. Grab a coffee at a BP and amazed to find out they have free wifi. So I park down and watch the rain hit hard as a motherfucker for an hour while I sip coffee and watch Mad Men. Its Ok. Im really close to Mobile, AL now, and a couple of hundred feet from the border of the corner of the FL panhandle, which I find cool for some reason. Rain stops and Im back off. Biloxi is WAY closer than I think (for once) and an hour later I pull over beside the IP and call Tim. I saw a billboard for a WSOP event here and it ends up I guessed right, I pull up to the front and wait for Tim, who pulls up 30 mins later. We say our hellos, and it takes me 45 mins to get my shit to the room. Definitely a bellboy in the morning for me. Me and Tim go eat and catch up. He is doing well, baby on the way and a fiancé. I get bummed out when I find out I couldn’t go over last night because his girl was paranoid about the place being clean enough. Which wouldn’t be so bad, but Jim, Tim and her hung out all night and had a great time. Played poker and won a little bit, if not for 2 bad beats would have been up much more. Oh well, I was super cool and everyone liked me, yay! Tim won in the cash games as well after busting out of a tourney, KK all in against AQ preflop. We left at 5 in the morning, went to 24 hour Wal mart where I picked some stuff and hit the only fast food spot I go to, Whataburger. Those of us back in the East are really missing out. Back home, slept till 5 PM, Tim says he has to leave, his girl is lonely. We hit Whataburger again, Tim generously pays for the room and he rolls. It was good to reconnect with Tim, we didn’t leave Vegas on the best of terms and we ended up having a really good vibe after all was said and done. Now Im gonna catch a few hours of sleep and hopefully leave early to get to Houston through the Louisiana scenic route. Supposed to be unseasonably cold, and maybe a few early showers so im gonna try to get to my destination at a reasonable hour for once.

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