Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Saturday, November 06, 2010 – Biloxi MS to Houston TX, 510 miles, 14 Hours

Left Imperial Palace at 9:30am, wisely bundle up as its gonna be a chilly day on the coast. Decide to follow the Gulf through southern Louisiana into Houston which will add a few hours to the trip, but I am on a motorcycle, and i want to enjoy the scenic route. Through New Orleans and making good time past Avery Island (Tabasco!) and detour onto the Creole Scenic Highway. Come to a familiar toll ferry where I crossed the other way a couple of years ago and I reach the other side and keep my eyes open for a gas station. 40 miles later right across the TX border at Port Arthur I run out. Didn’t see a single gas station, just one bombed out Exxon probably destroyed by Katrina. Funny how of all the stuff I brought, I decided to leave behind the battery tender and spare gas container, both of which I already could have used at this point. Start pushing the bike. Damn its heavy, or am I just getting weaker? GPS says im 1.7 miles to a gas station, but I'm completely dry. A couple stops by and offers to help with a ride but I'm reluctant to leave the bike. Another couple stops, goes to the station and comes back with a Bud tallboy filled with gas and says the lady at the station will wait for me even though she is about to close. I thank them and get a few hundred feet and the bike cuts out again. Shit! Push it to the gas station and its closed. Guy drives out from the trailer park in back. Jimmy is a 60-ish worker for the oil refineries completely surrounding me and takes me to get a gallon of gas. He warns me about the crackheads at the station and sure enough, there are crackheads everywhere. I normally don’t care but I feel out of place with all my gear and camera hanging off me so I quickly buy a gallon of water, dump it, fill it with 87 octane, ride back with Jimmy and I'm on my way. I skip the crackhead station and get to another one. Its closing. I get bad directions to another station, cant find it, now i'm getting PISSED. How hard can it be to get fucking gas in a town which is built on refining oil! Finally get to a station after backtracking, fill up, and 2 and a half hours after I run out, Im in Spring, TX at Bill’s. Gerard is waiting, we head to IHOP, Bill comes with his cool new girl Mandy and we hang and catch up. Back to Bill’s and I'm happy to be settled in.

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