Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010: Knoxville, TE to Opp, AL: 500 miles roughly and 13 hours.

Finally left this morning at 11, and said goodbye to Kim. Went through the photographs that were taken by us and the kids at the orphanage in Guatemala we were both at last year. I'll be taking a bunch of them back for the kids to have. I jump started the bike first try, scenic route, Atlanta beltway, into Alabama. Around Montgomery, I get in touch with my buddy Tim who I lived with for a while in Las Vegas. Tim says that it isn't cool to come by tonight to Destin, FL about 2 hours away because of some reason I'm not sure of but he asks if we can meet tomorrow afternoon. So here I am in Opp, AL in a motel in the middle of nowhere in the Deep South. Warmer weather, no more electric liner needed, and now thinking about how I'm gonna find a Panera or a Starbucks and take advantage of the free wifi tomorrow, then on to see Tim, his fiancĂ© and our friend Jim who is living with the happy couple. Trying to eat better, vitamins, REAL food, lots of dark thoughts today as well. Future, family, mortality, etc. Anyway, gonna grab some “food” at the gas station next door (too late to get anything real, ill do what I can) and watch an episode or 2 of Mad Men before I pass out.

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