Sunday, November 14, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010: Austin, TX to Balmorhena, TX: 410 miles, 11 hours

Leave Austin after a few hours of sleep at 7 in the morning and say my goodbyes to the Wade family. It’s raining on and off and traffic is a bit backed up but soon I’m on Hwy 290 and headed west. Skies clear up but it stays cool all day, almost no vehicles out here, and Texas hill country is making the ride enjoyable. In Fort Stockton I hit a McDonalds and buy a coffee and sit and take advantage of the free wifi. The sun is starting to go down and Im about 50 miles away from a historic state park. An hour later with the sun almost completely gone I pull in to the campsite area where there are a few macked-out RV’s and nothing else but rows of empty spaces. I break out the tent for the first time on this trip and slowly remember how to set it up. So glad I bought that headlamp before I left or this would not be happening. Get myself all situated, have a couple of corn tortillas, and apple and some Nutella (I carry a big ass jar with me), and look up and can’t remember the last time I’ve seen so many stars. Cold out tonight, so Im bundled up in the tent as I write, getting ready to watch a Michael Caine movie until I pass out. Probably will be an early start for me tomorrow as well, going to try to make it to Bisbee, AZ via El Paso and the southern new Mexico. Looking to be in Baja in a couple of days after that.

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